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OUTFIT | Tourist in DC


Photo by:  Bekah Hood

Living in New York City is sort of like living in London.  You live in the epicenter of this amazing, magnetic, and inspiring city, and within in a few hours can be in a totally different country (or in the US…state).  

(Ryanair is to London as Megabus is to New York City…except the bus takes way longer to get places).

Last weekend my dear friend Bekah flew to DC from Palm Beach for a shoot, and so I hopped on the bus for a quick 36 hour stint in DC.  

And y’all DC.  I mean honestly.  I fell in love.

Bekah and her husband Ben photographed a wedding that I was a bridesmaid in a few years back, and seriously we’re kindred spirits.  When I got to DC, we met at the hotel, and started talking and I think we spoke for 36 hours straight.  It was so life giving, and we just had such a blast.

The last time I was in DC was when I was 6 years old, so basically I remember nothing.  One of the beautiful things about being there was that I would have these little moments when we were walking around where I would have flashbacks of a memory playing with my brother, or remembering how hot and sticky it was and running up to my mom to have a huge slurp of her Diet Coke.

That evening we walked to the Capital at sunset, which I may or may not have thought was the White House (I will not confirm or deny), and I was blown away the the beauty the city had to offer.

We had a lovely dinner at Founding Farmer’s.  The Constitution, which is a fresh gin cocktail, was to die for!  (Also the bacon wrapped dates + mac and cheese were life changing!).

The next morning we woke for a sunrise engagement session where Bekah totally rocked it, and then I’m pretty sure we walked about 15 miles all over DC (including to Dupont Circle to have some amazing pour over coffee at Filter Coffeehouse).

We were the ultimate tourists, the only thing missing were matching pleated khaki shorts and fanny packs.

In the evening we walked to Georgetown (yes…you read that right…I’m a New Yorker now I walk places that are long distances) for an amazing carnivorous dinner at The Pig (I’m still dreaming about the bacon wrapped peaches baked with bleu cheese and maple glaze!).  

Good food, excellent drink, and even better company.  We talked life, dreams, photography, kids, marriage, singleness, family, hopes, fears, and anything and everything in between.

Early the next morning I headed back to the city, with achy legs, a full stomach, and heart for of life.  DC sorta stole my heart.  I could have stayed for weeks just exploring that magnificent city!