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OUTFIT: Yep In My White T E E…

errr…my version of the white t:)


Basically, all it is jeans and a white shirt?  Boring right? (Well…here’s a little secret, I’m not the biggest risk taker in my wardrobe.  Neutral colors are my best friend, and I’m kinda ok with that).

How do you keep such a simple outfit interesting?  Here are my thoughts :

  1. Fabric + Texture + Cut:  Yes; it’s a simple white shirt, BUT the eyelet lace and peter pan collar make this white blouse classy, feminine, with a hint of whimsy.
  2. Accessories:  Since my top and jeans are neutral, I was able to have some fun with my accessories:  leopard + burberry never hurt anyone, and my Kiel James Patrick Anchor bracelet is a spring staple!
  3. Shoes:  In my opinion, as soon as you add heels, any outfit takes a few notches up.  I always feel confident and a bit sassy when I prance around in my heels (maybe because they make me like 6’4)






Would you believe it if I told you my super cute Mint + Pearl earrings were less than $5 from Forever 21?  Well…b e l i e v e  i t.


My sweet friend and fellow fashionista + photographer Michelle Kim took all these photos!  She’s uber talented and has a heart of gold!

Top:  JCrew

Jeans:  Madewell

Belt:  JCrew (similar)

Shoes:  Tory Burch + similar (you’ve seen these a lot, and will see them more, I wear them ALL the time, and honestly don’t have tons of shoes!)

Bracelet:  Kiel James Patrick

OUTFIT: Wednesday B L U E S


Happy Wednesday Friends!  If you haven’t noticed…I wear lots of B L U E, here, and here again…OOPs #sorryimnotsorry.  

Blue works for me, so I wear lots of it.  Look in your closet:  what are the top three colors in your wardrobe?  Chances are those are actually the colors that look best on you, your skintones, your eyes.

What’s your it C O L O R?  Find it, and don’t be ashamed for wearing lots of it!


This A-Line Blue JCrew skirt has been in my closet for several years, yet I hardly wear it, because I never know what to wear with it.  Today, I stumbled upon it with new eyes and thought why in the heck haven’t I been utilizing this skirt; it’s pretty great!

Since it’s flowy on bottom I prefer a more fitted top.  

Two other ways you could wear this:

  • A scoop back fitted long sleeve shirt like this one from American Apparel would look great with it as well!
  • Simple White T V-Neck tucked in with wedges. (We’re all about versatility folks!)


This is my new Kelly Moore Songbird camera bag.  It’s amazing.  There is so much unexpected storage, I can fit my Nikon D3s with 3 other lenses comfortably in the bag.  The great thing too is that it’s super cute and doesn’t SCREAM “I’m carrying a bunch of expensive camera equipment with me!!!!”



Photos by:  Michelle Kim.  Darlin, you are such a blessing!

Top:  H&M (several years old - similar)

Skirt: JCrew (similar

Belt + Bangles:  Forever 21 (old - similar + similar)

Bag:  Kelly Moore Bag

Refined at Fashion Week : Day 1

This week in honor of New York Fashion Week Kat + I are excited to share with you the highlights of everything we have been up to, what we are wearing (see also : The Woes of Being a Southern California Girl in A Snowstorm) and what we have been seeing on + off the runway.

We feel so grateful to be here experiencing all of this and so looking forward to sharing our highlights with you.

Really, you get the best of the deal, dear friends, because you get all the fashion minus the freezing winds, snow + slush. 

Refined at Fashion Week : Day 1

I swear I looked at the forecast before I packed, but I think there’s only so much one California girl can do to really prepare herself for the reality of a snowstorm.

Coat : Thrifted (Similar) / Dress : Urban Outfitters / Tights : Uniqlo Heat tech / Riding Boots : J Crew  / Cobalt Tote : Coach /Headband : H&M (old, similar) / Sunglasses : Ray Ban

(You can pin some of my accessories from The Refined Woman on Pinterest!)

Marissa Web's new collection is so wearable! I love the tailored structure to her suits, skirts + coats.

The black + white accessories + inverted french manicure is the perfect compliment.

Some of my favorites from the Marissa Webb presentation:

The Monique Lhuillier runway show knocked my socks off. The way she innovates a gown season after season is such an inspiration to me. Every piece is fitted perfectly to be flattering for a woman’s shape. The texture and detailing was incredible.

Afterwards we made our way backstage + accompanied Krista Soriano as she was able to ask Monique a few words about the collection. See Krista’s piece on for more!



p.s. be sure to check out The Refined Woman on facebook  + instagram for more photos + behind the scenes!

ELEMENTS: 31 Bits Giveaway

It’s our launch week of The Refined Woman, and we could not be more excited about this new journey with y’all!  

What better way to get through your Wednesday by getting in on our WEDNESDAY 31 BITS GIVEAWAY.

First off, if you are unfamiliar with 31 Bits.  Please check them out HERE.  31 Bits is an organization that hires women in Uganda to make these beautifully crafted paper beaded necklaces.   31 Bits has a wholistic approach to their business.  Not only do they employ women to rise above poverty but provide:  english lessons, finance training, community groups, and AIDs and Health clinics for the women.  


                               Photo by:  The Refined Woman

We love 31 Bits, and want to get some in your hand ASAP!  Here’s how you win:

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Kat + Em

OUTFIT: Hunter Boots to the Rescue


This outfit was clutch for the last wedding I photographed in San Francisco with Emily Scott.  Literally from the moment we drove up to the Bride’s house until we left the reception it was RAINING.  Not misting but pretty much pouring buckets, and need I remind you that it is winter?  My hunter boots were one of those purchases that I was not so sure about because of the price, but over and over again they have come through to shining victory for me!

Blazer:  Zara

Top:  Similar (Zara)

Skirt:  Anthropologie

Tights:  H&M

Infinity Scarf:  Handmade by a friend find one Similar

Boots:  Nordstrom’s

OUTFIT: Warby Parker + Popped Collars + Suits

For this shoot I was going to be lugging a photo booth setup in addition to my normal gear and I just knew a skirt or dress wasn’t going to work for that. After I got the blazer as a gift from my (amazing!) husband I went on a search for pants to go with it and I love these navy high waist trousers from J. Crew. The color and the cut feel more exciting than regular black dress pants. Since it was still unseasonably warm a few weeks ago, I went with a short sleeve button up to keep from overheating.




Pants – Hutton trouser:  J. Crew (they come in long inseam too!), Schoolboy blazer:  J. Crew, Button up shirt:  American Apparel, Watch: Michael Kors, Wedges:  Salvatore Ferragamo, Camera Strap:  Apolis; Glasses:  Warby Parker

OUTFIT: Blazers + Chinos

Fall is my favorite time of the year for fashion.  I love browns, blues, greens, and warm colors and I can wear them all the time in the fall.  This outfit is not only a go-to for shooting, but even in my everyday life.  The chinos are a little casual, however I think my blazer and red lipstick makes it a little more fancy.  This look is clean, classic, and the 31 Bits necklace adds that boho flare so I feel as though I’m staying true to my brand all in all!



Photo by:  Sarah Shreves

Blazer: Zara (this is my go-to place for blazers!); Top: Forever 21 (old); Pants: JCrew; Belt: No Rest for Bridget; Shoes: Tory Burch; Necklace: 31 Bits