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Summa Summa Summa Time…

Summer time is the right time to get your jams on!  Thankfully for us, our dear friend + indie music extraordinaire Gail Werner has come up with a lovely summer playlist for us!

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Kat and I first connected through a mutual love of music. She knows how much I love to make playlists so when she asked if I’d contribute one to The Refined Woman, I happily said yes! Below is a random selection of songs I’ve had on constant repeat — from big acts to unknowns, there’s something for everyone with this set for summer! Enjoy!

Icona Pop — “I Love It”: Every summer I grab on to one or two songs that, despite near-constant play on the airwaves, I still can’t get enough of. This is one of ‘em.

Daft Punk, Pharrell — “Get Lucky”: What I just said above applies to this tune too. “Get Lucky” has made a LOT of lists for “Song of the Summer”. Catchy retro beat.

Bronze Radio Return — “Shake, Shake, Shake”: Hand claps are my jam. Pair ‘em with a catchy refrain and this song makes for a perfect accompaniment to a summer road trip. 

alt-J — “Dissolve Me”: This British indie rock band is huge in the UK and 2013 is shaping up to be their breakout year in the US.

Phoenix — “Entertainment”: Their “Wolfgang Almadeus” is one of my Top 10 albums of all time. This is my favorite song off their latest release.

Vampire Weekend — “Diane Young”: The newest album from Ezra and the boys came out in May. I haven’t stopped listening since. This is a stand-out track.

Cayucas — “A Summer Thing”: Summer is both in the title and sound of this song. Laid-back and breezy, it makes me long for the beach, sunblock and a pair of Ray Bans.

Generationals — “Put a Light On”: Give me a song with chimes and (yet more) hand claps and I’ll give you a track that is a must on any playlist of mine.

Mr. Little Jeans — “Oh Sailor”: I’m a Midwest girl but a chunk of my heart resides in California. I’m partial to any song that makes me dream of the Golden State. This hits that nostalgic note for me.

Har Mar Superstar — “Lady You Shot Me”: The first time you hear this, you’ll think of the soulful sound of Motown. So you might be surprised to learn those vocals belong to a guy who looks—and performs—like this.

Lana Del Ray — “Young and Beautiful”: Possibly the best thing to come out of the pop culture juggernaut that was this year’s “Great Gatsby”, no?

The National — “I Need My Girl”: With their newest album, Matt Berninger and band put out more of what they do best—velvety sounds with haunting tempos. This time both are accompanied with one heck of a guitar lick.

Justin Timberlake — “That Girl”: Because JT The Singer is back in 2013. And I just bought tickets to see him perform live in December. I mean, I sort ofhad to, right?

Phosphorescent — “Ride On/Right On”: Another tune that has summer road trip written all over it. It’s got a swagger to its sound that grabbed my attention from the start.

Twin Shadow — “Run My Heart”: The first beats of this song channel Bruce Springsteen. Soft spot that I have for him, I was sold on this track.

Alice Boman — “Waiting”: Every now and then you find a song that just transfixes you. Don’t you agree this is one of them?  

The Refined Woman NYC Playlist

Well; it’s real folks.  Em and I made it NYC late last night, and spent the evening catching up with friends over cocktails and quinoa.

Little did we know we have entered Blizzard weekend in the city.  Everyone is preparing for what seems like Armagedon.  You would have thought we would’ve looked at the weather report a little more closely.

First stops first before the shows today:  get hat, gloves, and scarves ASAP!

Not to worry because we have our very own Refined Woman NYC Playlist, and when I say NYC playlist I mean mostly Beyonce tribute.  

If you’re bored, or just want to dance all day at your office, check out our playlist.  We think it does not disappoint.