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OUTFIT: Blazers + Ballcaps



Pssst…here’s a secret…I am a bit of a tomboy.

Wearing hats makes me one happy camper, because I can look cute and get away with not having to mess with my hair (which most days I don’t spend more than 5 minutes on).


You have seen me wearing 31 Bits  A L O T, but really their jewelry just goes with my style so well.  They’re necklaces are a go to for me!


Club Monaco…you had me at hello.

This blazer has been a wardrobe staple for over a year now, and any excuse I can find I’ll throw it on…even if it’s with a baseball cap!



Photos by:  Kate Colosi

Blazer:  Club Monaco

Necklace:  31 Bits

Hat: Target

Chambray Shirt:  TJ Maxx (similar)

Braided Belt:  Thrift (similar)

Jeans:  Madewell

OUTFIT : Pop of Red

One thing I loved seeing at New York Fashion Week was some incredible vibrant Reds on the runway. So this week to kick off a little runway to reality, Kat + I have two NYC outfits with a pop of red. 

While I would have loved to have a different jacket to share with you, the other reality for this California girl is that I just don’t have that many fun coats. It just doesn’t get cold enough to invest in them, so most of mine are the standard black or navy. After last week though and some of the coats I saw at the spring J Crew presentation I am rethinking things completely

Jeans : Levi’s 501 / Tee : American Apparel / Coat : Thrifted (similar) / Boots : Madewell / Watch : Michael Kors / Bracelet : J Crew (similar … I want this one!) / Lipstick : Chanel Rouge Allure