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OUTFIT : A Tourist in Central Park


It was the kind of day Central Park was made for. The leaves had just begun to turn, the air was crisp but not cold. We ate belgian waffles covered in speckuloos and whipped cream. 


I shot a bit on my Rollefleix and got a few weird stares from people but made a few new friends who wanted to know what kind of camera it is. Film. It shoots squares. 


This is what I was shooting. 


Rocking a bit of a baby bump, men’s levi’s and chucks. 



I had my guy by my side and my Kat there too to snap some photos.

Take me back.

One more from the Rollei…


Outfit photos by Kat, The Refined Woman

Square shots by Em

xo, Em

OUTFIT: Any Given Monday


Any given Monday, if I bump into you on the street, if I’m out for coffee with a friend, or if I’m at my desk editing all day, I have somewhat of a uniform.

Getting all dolled up is one of my favorite things to do as a woman.  In fact, it has gotten to where I feel a little naked when I’m not wearing red lipstick.  However, on a day to day basis I’m a simple girl.

If there was one outfit that could be described as my uniform it would be this:  oversized button down (preferably mens), skinny jeans, riding boots, and my Coach purse.  

It’s simple, easy, and I feel me in it.


Also, did I mention that fall in New York City is magical?  Em and her husband have been in town all weekend (insert happy dance here), and we have been all over town.  Yesterday we walked through Central Park chasing food trucks and a beautiful sunset, and snapped some photos along the way.

When Em and I get to hang in person (which is never often enough); it’s always such a blessing because we just seem to pick back up right where we left.  I always walk away from time spent with Em so thankful that we’re doing this project together.  She truly is a gem!


Last Saturday I purchased the same above Ralph Lauren button down in blue from Crossroads Trading Co. in Williamsburg, BUT then Em + hubby and I went this Saturday and I found another one in pink.  How could I pass it up!?!?


Photos by:  Emily, The Refined Woman

Refined at Fashion Week : Day 1

This week in honor of New York Fashion Week Kat + I are excited to share with you the highlights of everything we have been up to, what we are wearing (see also : The Woes of Being a Southern California Girl in A Snowstorm) and what we have been seeing on + off the runway.

We feel so grateful to be here experiencing all of this and so looking forward to sharing our highlights with you.

Really, you get the best of the deal, dear friends, because you get all the fashion minus the freezing winds, snow + slush. 

Refined at Fashion Week : Day 1

I swear I looked at the forecast before I packed, but I think there’s only so much one California girl can do to really prepare herself for the reality of a snowstorm.

Coat : Thrifted (Similar) / Dress : Urban Outfitters / Tights : Uniqlo Heat tech / Riding Boots : J Crew  / Cobalt Tote : Coach /Headband : H&M (old, similar) / Sunglasses : Ray Ban

(You can pin some of my accessories from The Refined Woman on Pinterest!)

Marissa Web's new collection is so wearable! I love the tailored structure to her suits, skirts + coats.

The black + white accessories + inverted french manicure is the perfect compliment.

Some of my favorites from the Marissa Webb presentation:

The Monique Lhuillier runway show knocked my socks off. The way she innovates a gown season after season is such an inspiration to me. Every piece is fitted perfectly to be flattering for a woman’s shape. The texture and detailing was incredible.

Afterwards we made our way backstage + accompanied Krista Soriano as she was able to ask Monique a few words about the collection. See Krista’s piece on for more!



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