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Elements: The NYC Travel Edition


Tomorrow morning bright and early Em and I are heading to NYC for New York Fashion Week.  We are so excited to run around the city, meet some new blogger friends, photograph some runway shows, and let’s be real…we cannot wait to eat our way through NYC!

Before we leave, we wanted to leave you with our top 11 NYC travel essentials.  Don’t leave home without these ladies…

1. The Dooney & Burke “Happy Bag” is small, lightweight, timeless, and our perfect travel companion.

2 + 3.  Nars LipStick in “Dragon Girl” w Too Faced Lip Primer.  Whether going to NYC or to the drugstore or to a 12-hour shoot these puppies come with me everywhere I go.  Literally one application lasts me an entire day through meals, drinks, everything.  Definite ESSENTIALS ladies.

4.  Lush “No Drought” Dry Shampoo.  There are so many out there.  I was a Baby Powder girl my self, until enough of my girlfriends sang Lush’s praises; it’s the best in my opinion.

5.  Travel Perfume.  My go to is Aqua di Go for Women:  $20 from Sephora:  It’s super affordable, mine has lasted for over a year; it’s light and fresh, and trust me you’ll want this after walking the city all day before breezing into drinks with friends.

…which leads us into…

6 + 7.  The MetroCard + Hand Sanitizer:  Some people are cab people some people are Subway people.  I try at all costs (pun intended) to take the subway.  People it’s like 3,000x cheaper and part of the NYC experience.  Obvi you need Hand Sani whether you cab or Sub it.  Let’s be real, we love NYC, but it is dur-tay.

8.  RayBan Aviators.  A Staple.  Need I say more?

9. A Sewing Kit.  I keep these in all my different bags.  I cannot tell you how many random times at shoots or out with friends that someone has needed a needle and thread.  By no means do I sew, but I can do a quick-fix.

10.  Mini MoleSkin Journals.  My dad told me that the most successful people in the world keep idea journals with them all the time.  Their goal is to write down several new ideas each day.  You may not have that game-changing idea in the first year, but 5 years down the road it may come.  I always keep my idea/dream journal with me + easily accessible.  You never know when inspiration will hit!

11.  Business Cards. (Thanks Mink Cards for our lovely new cards!).  You’re meeting people ALL the time when you’re out.  Always have a business card on you!  There’s nothing worse than someone saying ‘Oh I’ll just get in touch with you’.  Oh no no no…you be ready to build relationships.  Have those biz cards on hands, and YOU send the follow-up email!

Stay tuned for more on our trip to NYC…


Kat + Em