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OUTFIT: Shortalls + My Big N E W S ! ! !

Question:  in a year will I regret wearing shortalls in my late 20s?

Answer:  Most definitely.

But you know what?  I sort of love them.  When I was in 4th grade I had hot pink overalls with a matching hot pink and blue striped shirt.  My mom bought them for me at a garage sale, so most likely they were already 10 years old when I started wearing them.  Nowadays we would call them vintage.  I rocked those suckers like it was my job.

Now, you know Em and I feel strongly about investing into quality vs. quantity.  That’s why when uber trendy things come back i.e. overalls, I’ll look for a cheap pair at a thrift store.  

Last weekend while waiting for our table to be called at brunch I sauntered into to this tiny thrift store, and found a whole rack of these puppies.  $15.  Thank you, and good-bye. Haters gonna hate.

Now…onto my news.

If you follow my personal instagram, then you may already know, but some crazy things have been happening in my life as of late.

For almost four years now I have been working back and forth from LA and NYC.  From my first trip to New York I was hooked.  There is something magnetic about that city. 

When I walk the streets, hop in and out of subways, shoot throughout the city, go for late night drinks with friends I’m enchanted.

I feel like a girl in love.

Tomorrow I will be taking a one-way flight to New York City to begin a new life.  My hopes are to establish a photography presence in the city, and to pound the pavement to chase those dreams.

It’s one of the scariest most thrilling things I have done in my life.

There are a few things that I know:

  • If I don’t make it in the editorial photography world, it will not be because I didn’t try.
  • Sometimes you don’t know what God has in store for you unless you go.

So…I’m going.

For the adventure of it.

Because I’m at a point in my life where I can.

To chase my dreams.

Because there’s something inside of me that can’t not go.

I have to.

Em and I couldn’t be more excited to be running The Refined Woman as a bi-coastal blog.  San Francisco + New York City?  I mean we feel like the luckiest girls in the world.

So here’s to saying yes, dreaming big, and going without knowing.



Shortalls:  Thrift (similar)

Watch:  Nordstrom

Sweetheart Bracelet:  Martha’s Vineyard (similar)

Penny Loafers:  GH Bass

High Tops:  Nordstrom

NARS Lipstick

Ray Ban Aviators

OUTFIT: Put a Flag on It

Happy Memorial Day Folks!

I’m about to leave my house to grab food for a little bbq at my place this evening with some close friends.  I’m dying to make homeade whipped cream + cobbler!

To me Memorial Day means Summer is OFFICIALLY here!  There are so many sweet memories that come to my mind when I think of summer:

running barefoot.

fresh watermelon juice dripping down your hands as you eat it.



beach days.


Outfit Details:

Top:  Ralph Lauren

Skirt:  Anthropologie from a few years ago (similar)

Shoes:  GH Bass

I’m thankful for this day, and for the many men and women that serve our country so sacrificially.  We would not be where we are today if they were fighting for our freedom!

Go outside today.  Bake a cobbler with fresh fruit.  Hug your family and friends, and stay up too late telling stories!



INSPIRATION: The Effortless Chic


A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of hanging with and photographing (Southern lady in LA) Jen of The Effortless Chic.  She is so cute and uber sweet!

We found this perfect wall to shoot her fabulous lace ensemble from Madewell!  Check out her outfit post, and where you can pick up the lovely lace ensemble HERE.




All photos by:  Kat Harris

And a few behind the scenes shots never hurt anyone!


Thanks Lindsey Shea for assisting me and grabbing these behind the scenes shots!

Key Pieces:

Jacket:  Club Monaco (Similar)

Bag:  Kelly Moore Bag

Shoes:  GH Bass Weejuns



Have a fabulous Friday!



OUTFIT : Blue Swag

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

One dress four ways.  

Upon first glance when I saw this Amazing Cobalt Blue Dress at Madewell I wasn’t completely sold.  BUT then folks I tried it on, and DIED; the length, the a-line cut, the stretchy ponte fabric; it all made me melt.

I knew I wanted the dress, but wasn’t convinced I needed it.  Then, walking around the store I thought of at least 4 different ways I could wear the dress, and remember our last lesson:  don’t buy a piece unless you can think of at least 3 distinct looks with it.

After realizing the options with the dress were endless, I really had no other choice other than to buy it! 

Here’s my take on how to spruce up your classy dress that’s just sitting in your closet dying to come play with you!









Photos Courtesy of:  Sarah Shreves

Dress:  Madewell / White Collared Shirt:  Zara old (Similar) / White Blazer:  Club Monaco  / Belt:  JCrew (Similar via Club Monaco) / Penny Loafers:  GH Bass Weejuns /Lace Top:  BP Nordstroms / Booties:  Urban Outfitters (Similar)

OUTFIT : Popped Collars + Penny Loafers







If you know me you know I love me some popped collars and prep, BUT you also know that I’m a bit of a hippie at heart (yes I actually do crave Kale Juice…I know it’s weird).

You can see my love for prep and bohemia all mixed together in this outfit: pearls, penny loafers, and popped collars.  My bohemia shines through with my glasses, denim on denim and yummy fur vest.

It was one of our last days in NYC, and I had a day full of shooting in Brooklyn.  This outfit is a bit more casual than I typically do for shoots, but hey it was Brooklyn…they can’t care. (#putabirdonit)

Glasses:  Warby Parker / Vest:  Thrift (similar) / Denim Shirt:  H&M / Belt + Jeans:  Madewell / Anchor Earrings:  Forever 21 (how could I resist really?)/ Shoes:  GH Bass (they’re killing it right now).

OUTFIT: Blue Blazer + Baubles





I love this outfit because Kat actually photographed my last outfit in this number.  
It’s the perfect mix of color + polish, two of the basic core beliefs here at The Refined Woman.
The touch of gold in her Bauble Bar necklace is repeated in her belt + her gold loafers. Truthfully, you can never have enough gold… don’t you think?
Blue Blazer:  Zara similar 
Blue Collared Shirt:  Madewell similar 
Bauble Necklace:  Bauble Bar
Belt:  Old similar 
Jeans:  The Gap 
Gold Loafers:  GH Bass 

See more outfits with Navy Blazers on The Refined Woman here.