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GREAT INVESTMENTS : A Purse for All Seasons



I took these photos right after I received this purse as a Christmas gift in 2011. 

I can count on one hand the number of items that I still use daily that I received in 2011. Actually now that I think about it just this purse and my ugg boots (don’t judge). 

But this purse has proven it’s worth season after season. It’s the only item I get compliments on regularly that is that old. 

There are a few things that make a purse worth holding onto this long : 

1. Quality. The real leather has aged perfectly and cleans easily (all I’ve ever done is wipe it down - my friend actually spilled a glass of red wine on it and there are no signs of it anywhere!) and the stitching is good enough to endure the years of use. 

2. A Classic Style. When looking for a purse to last all seasons, think about choosing something that is classic and not too trendy. There are only a few tried and true purse styles that are reinvented every year for good reason - the satchel being one of them. 

3. Color. It’s important to me that I found a purse that goes with everything. I just have those needs. Other people aren’t such sticklers and a fun pop of color can be awesome too but when it comes to one purse to rule them all - this natural hue just fits with everything I wear and why I keep using it day in and day out. 

4. Functionality. There have been purses that have come and go in my life and for the most part, it’s been because it’s too large and gets too heavy and I start hating my life, or it’s too small and I’m constantly having to change things out to hold more. This purse is just the right size. The shoulder strap is key for me as well. Purses that always need to be held in my hand frustrate me because I’m always juggling ten tasks at once, but I like that this one affords either handholding or wearing it over my shoulder. 

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